Features & Benefits
Hands FREE
Ultra Bright Light
Long Life Battery
Easy Replace Batteries
Size Adjustment
Powerful Light Beam
Lights where you look
Discreet lighting
  Useful Applications
Late Night Fishing
Jobs around the home
Late Night Jogging
Camping Trips
Under Car Repairs
Police & Forensic
Low-light situations




Cap Light UK. introduce the Panther POWERCAP™


Realtree Xtra Stealth

LED Running Cap Black
(Single-function ON/OFF switch)
Blue Baseball style Bump Cap Light
Powercap Stealth 4 LED Baseball Cap
C.U.B. Technology
(Multi-function 3-way switch)
BumpLight 3 LED Bump Cap
C.U.B. Technology
(Multi-function 3-way switch)

The new PowerCap™ Lighted Hat from Panther Vision is the “ultimate hands free flashlight”!! This hat looks just like every other premium quality ball cap, with one very important difference. When you need light, just click the multi-function 3-way switch hidden on the underside of the brim and you have instant Ultra Bright light from the LED’s that are built into and under the brim!!

These LED Lighted Hats use patent pending C.U.B. (Concealed Under Brim) Technology™ which combines 2 LED’s UNDER the brim for up-close tasks and a single Ultra bright LED in the centre of the brim for long distance lighting.

This exclusive 3-way lighting technology lets you select the lighting configuration you need for your specific task; Low Beam (2 under brim LED’s) for up-close tasks like Reading, Hobbies, Home Repair, etc. High Beam ( 1 Ultra Bright LED in the brim) for distance lighting for biking, running, etc. Power Beam (all 3 LED’s) when you really want a lot of light for Walking, Camping, Grilling, etc.

There are so many uses for the PowerCap™ in and around the house as well as outdoors that you’ll never want to be without it!! It’s perfect for Walking, Grilling, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Home Improvement Projects, Power Outages, Walking the Dog, Working on the car, or anytime you need additional light but need to keep your hands free.


  • Premium, 6 panel hat with sandwich **trim, premium comfort sweatband and durable Velcro closure. One Size Fits Most.
  • 3 Ultra Bright LED’s (2 concealed under the brim and 1 in the brim) will last for 100,000+ hours
  • Exclusive 3-way lighting technology lets YOU choose the light that is right for your specific needs.
  • Provides light up to 50ft away and can be visible from over a mile.
  • Easy “on/off” switch concealed in the brim
  • 4 CR-2032 Lithium coin cell batteries are concealed in the sweatband, provide up to 75 hours of continuous light and are easily replaceable.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

*Structured = Top portion of the hat is made with six panels of material.  The front two panels will have a batting material to make the panels stiffer or more structured.  Unstructured is with out the batting material, making the hat floppy or flat.

**Trim is the sandwiched material in between the top and bottom of the brim, where the Main front L.E.D. is set.

Concealed under-brim lighting technology Replaceable Lithium CR-2032 batteries Easy to reach on/off button switch under the brim








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